Meet Darshan Patel – the man who created a 5000 crore brand for his deodorant.

Darshan Patel
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Darshan Patel, known to most of us as Darshan Bhai is a prolific brand builder.

He led his family business Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd to becoming India’s fastest-growing pharma company. He is credited with creating iconic brands, such as Moov, Krack, Itchguard, Dermicool, and D’cold
In a mind-boggling deal, those brands were sold to Reckitt

He’s a marketing genius who loves to continually create brands based on consumer needs and give them value

Thus even post the acquisition by Reckitt, his passion for creating new brands, Darshan Bhai launched Vini Cosmetics’ first and most successful product, Fogg, in 2011.

In a market dominated by gas-based deodorants, Fogg’s unique positioning “No Gas, No Wastage; 800 sprays guarantee” became an instant hit with customers. The market favorably responded to such a distinct and simple marketing message. It’s amazing that within the shortest span of time, he’s the largest selling deodorant that’s far ahead of some of the global giants like Unilever Procter & GambleBeiersdorf or local players like ITC, Godrej who’ve been in similar categories

Disruption with consumer insight, product advantages, and innovation, and no technology this is really worth understanding

For a company that’s been based out of Ahmedabad, this one is yet another example of the indomitable spirit of Indian entrepreneurs, and clearly, this man is a marketing genius

Almost every media seller who would have met him in his journey, and he was one who would like to meet almost every salesperson and also do his own deals, he’s an absolutely garrulous person to meet. If he knew you were Gujarati he’s chatter would easily break into that language and he’d often chat about consumer behaviour

A marketer with vision, solving for needs and brilliant business acumen
No wonder then in just about 10-12 years he’s gone ahead to make FOGG a 5000 crore brand

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