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During my growing-up years, I imbibed the realization that our current era, replete with myriad distractions for the younger generation, carries the perilous potential of being tainted by negative and toxic influences. Whether it emanates from an unsavory peer group, misleading sources of information, improper approaches to addressing the challenges of adolescence, or erroneous teachings, such factors can profoundly impact one’s cognitive framework and behavioral patterns. My own journey bears the marks of this unfortunate encounter, as some haunting traumas continue to linger.

In the splendor of our world, it is imperative that each individual revels in the profoundness of his existence. My fervent desire is for the generations to come to be spared the torment of facing toxic circumstances akin to those I once endured. Consequently, we are in dire need of a paradigm that addresses the youth in a positive, imaginative, and spiritually rooted manner, all the while drawing wisdom from ancient knowledge and embracing the ever-evolving national and global landscapes in areas such as Agriculture, Education, Science, Space, Technology, Culture, and Traditions.

To tackle this pressing predicament, I have conceived a visionary initiative called “Astitwam – The Existence.” Let it be known that I, too, am not exempt from imperfections, having committed my share of errors and mistakes in the past. Although I may stumble in the future, I entreat you to guide me back to the path of positivity whenever I falter. My core conviction lies in the belief that “Right actions for the future are the best apologies for the wrong ones in the past.”


“Astitwam – The Existence” is a commendable initiative aimed at revitalizing and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Bhartiya (Indian) culture while infusing it with contemporary influences. It addresses a common issue where people often talk about safeguarding their traditions and cultural values, yet few take concrete steps to fulfill these responsibilities. This initiative, however, dares to step forward and embrace the duty of empowering Bharat (India) through the promotion and celebration of its unique cultural identity.

Bhartiya culture is renowned for its diversity, depth, and ancient wisdom, passed down through generations. It encompasses a wide array of traditions, art forms, languages, beliefs, and customs that have evolved over millennia. However, with the advent of globalization and the rapid pace of modernization, there’s a risk of some of these precious cultural elements fading away or being overshadowed by external influences.

“Astitwam – The Existence” recognizes the need to strike a balance between preserving traditional values and adapting to the ever-changing global landscape. It acknowledges that cultural preservation doesn’t mean stagnation but rather a dynamic process of evolution that can incorporate modern elements while staying true to its roots.

By accepting the responsibility of safeguarding Bhartiya culture, this initiative seeks to create awareness among the populace about the importance of their cultural heritage. It encourages people to take pride in their cultural identities, traditions, and indigenous knowledge systems. It also highlights the need to protect and support local artists, artisans, and practitioners who are the torchbearers of the cultural legacy.


Empowerment is a central theme of this endeavor. By embracing their cultural heritage, individuals are empowered with a sense of belonging and self-identity. Understanding and cherishing their roots fosters a feeling of unity and togetherness among the people of Bharat. Such unity can contribute to social cohesion, mutual respect, and a sense of responsibility toward each other and the nation.

Additionally, this initiative recognizes the importance of adapting to the modern world. Cultural relevance is crucial for any tradition to survive and thrive. By embracing contemporary influences, “Astitwam – The Existence” ensures that Bhartiya culture remains alive and resonates with the younger generations who are more exposed to global trends and advancements.

Through various cultural events, exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs, the initiative seeks to engage people of all ages, from different walks of life, to participate actively in this endeavor.

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By fostering a sense of ownership among the citizens, it encourages them to take active roles in the preservation and promotion of their cultural heritage.

In conclusion, “Astitwam – The Existence” stands out as a pioneering effort to revive and safeguard Bhartiya culture with a modern outlook. Accepting the responsibilities and empowering Bharat, not only preserves the legacy of the past but also ensures its relevance and significance in the present and future. This initiative serves as an inspiration for others to cherish and protect their cultural identities while embracing the opportunities offered by the contemporary world.