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Pranav Mistry Sixth Sense
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Pranav Mistry, born on 14 May 1981, is a name that resonates with innovation and engineering prowess. From his early days, his talents in the world of technology were evident. This article takes you on a journey through his remarkable life, from the creation of “Sixth Sense” to his influential role in shaping groundbreaking products and his latest venture, TWO – an AI startup.

The Genesis: “Sixth Sense”

Pranav’s story begins with his groundbreaking work on “Sixth Sense,” a gesture-based wearable computer system developed at MIT Media Lab in 1997. The core idea behind “Sixth Sense” was to create a device that seamlessly merged the digital and physical worlds.

Unveiling the “Sixth Sense”

To materialize this idea, Pranav designed a head-worn or neck-worn pendant, equipped with a data projector and camera. This innovative device was capable of capturing interactive photographic art and featured gesture recognition. It essentially aimed to replicate the sixth sense of the human mind. Interestingly, the resemblance between “Sixth Sense” and Apple’s latest product, “Vision Pro,” is striking.

Pranav’s Influence on Technology

Pranav’s exceptional engineering talents didn’t stop at “Sixth Sense.” His vision inspired numerous breakthrough products that have left an indelible mark on our generation. After parting ways with MIT, he played a pivotal role in launching the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the company’s first smartwatch, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. Pranav’s contributions were so significant that he assumed the role of President and CEO at STAR – Samsung Technology and Advanced Research, driving innovation in the company.

Why Pranav Didn’t Sue Apple

One might wonder why Pranav never pursued legal action against Apple, given the apparent similarities between “Sixth Sense” and “Vision Pro.” The answer lies in Pranav’s belief in the open-source philosophy of technology. He chose not to patent “Sixth Sense” and believed in the power of collective innovation, emphasizing that technology should evolve with time.

The Present: TWO – An AI Startup

In the present day, Pranav has embarked on a new and ambitious venture, TWO. This AI startup is dedicated to creating AI experiences across various senses, from sound to sight to touch. Pranav’s vision for TWO has garnered substantial attention and financial support, with a substantial 15 million USD investment from Jio. The startup is headquartered in the heart of technology innovation, Silicon Valley, and benefits from the mentorship of none other than Steve Chen, Co-Founder of YouTube.


Pranav Mistry’s journey is a testament to the limitless potential of human ingenuity. From his groundbreaking work on “Sixth Sense” to his instrumental role in shaping Samsung’s innovations and his current AI venture, he remains an inspiration for aspiring innovators. Pranav’s story illustrates how an individual’s creativity and determination can shape the course of technological progress.


1. What is “Sixth Sense,” and why is it significant?

“Sixth Sense” is a gesture-based wearable computer system developed by Pranav Mistry at MIT Media Lab. It’s significant because it aimed to merge the digital and physical worlds seamlessly.

2. How did “Sixth Sense” relate to Apple’s “Vision Pro”?

“Sixth Sense” and “Vision Pro” share similarities, which sparked interest and comparisons in the tech community.

3. What contributions did Pranav Mistry make to the tech world beyond “Sixth Sense”?

Pranav played a pivotal role in launching the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone, as well as serving as the President and CEO of STAR – Samsung Technology and Advanced Research.

4. Why didn’t Pranav sue Apple for the perceived similarities between “Sixth Sense” and “Vision Pro”?

Pranav believed in open-source technology and chose not to patent “Sixth Sense,” emphasizing the importance of collective innovation.

5. Tell us about Pranav’s current venture, TWO.

TWO is an AI startup founded by Pranav, focusing on creating AI experiences across various senses. It has received substantial financial support and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with mentorship from Steve Chen, Co-Founder of YouTube.

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