You can find Ghee as old as 650 years at Kamnath Mahadev Mandir, Radhu, Gujarat.

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Kamnath Mahadev Temple is a very popular and ancient Lord Shiva Mandir, located at the bank of Holy River Vatrak and near the confluence of five Rivers in the village of Radhu. Radhu is situated on the Kheda – Dholka highway in the Kheda district of Gujarat and has around 20000 populations.

History and legend of Kamnath Mahadev – Radhu

Kamnath Mahadev temple was constructed in Vikram Samvat 1445, (Year – 1389) and Jyot (holy flame) was brought by Patel Jesangbhai Hirabhai who lived in Radhu, the great devotee of Lord Shiva.

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Jesangbhai took the Food or Tea only after the Darshan of Lord Shiva. At that time, there was no Lord Shiva temple in Radhu so he passed the River Vatrak and went to the village Punaj, around eight KM daily, and worships Lord Shiva. He followed this rule for a long year, but in the year 1445, there was a heavy flood in River Vatrak, so he could not depart to Punaj for Shiva Darshan, which continues for eight days.

He had not taken any food or tea for these many days and observed fast for eight days. Lord Shiva blessed with worship and told in a dream that takes a holy flame from Punaj Shiva temple and took in your village Radhu. The very next day he told about his dream to other devotees and decided to take the holy flame from Punaj to Radhu. They all went to Punaj Shiva Temple and took Jyot from Punaj to Radhu and Jyot was not turned off even in heavy rain and wind. This was the twelve days of Krishna paksha of the holy month Shravan

So from this instance, big fairs and spiritual events are planned in village Radhu on this day. A small temple had been constructed and established the holy flame in Vikram Samvat 1445. From that day, around 8-10 kgs of pure ghee is used in flame, and no need to purchase ghee from the market. Devotees from various regions came to Kamnath Mahadev and offer pure ghee based on their beliefs. From the day of the establishment of Lord Shiva Temple, an amazing flow of pure ghee was offered in the temple. People of Radhu had the rule to offer ghee in the temple before the sale.

Blessings of Lord Shiva in Kamnath Mahadev, Radhu

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Thus the flow of pure ghee is going on from local people and devotees across the nation. Today, there are around 800 earthen pots of pure ghee and 50 kgs of average ghee in each pot in the temple. So around there are 40000 kgs of ghee stored in Bhandar of the temple and this increases day by day. This ghee can be used only in flame and Yagya arranged in Shravan month. Holy flame is turned on in the temple from the day of arrival at Radhu. These pots are in an open place but the miracle of Lord Shiva is, any insects or ants cannot go inside the pot and also there is no bad smell from the pot even after around six hundred and thirty years. There are three big Pure Ghee Bhandar (stores) in the temple and yet day by day flow of ghee is increasing.

A special time to visit Kamnath Mahadev

The holy flame came to the village on the twelve days of Krishna paksha of the holy Shravan month, every person in the village and nearby villages celebrates this day with great joy. Fair and Nagar Yatra of Lord Shiva is arranged the same as Rathyatra in Radhu. Devotee enjoys various events, and devotional songs and worship Lord Shiva. During the entire Shravan Month, Yagya is observed in the temple on daily basis from 6 AM to 7 PM followed by the immense Aarati of Lord Shiva. Another popular day is Maha Shivratri in this temple. A great celebration took place in Kamnath Mahadev same like other big Shiva temples and Laghu Rudra Yagya is also observed. Devotee from different region can take participation in this Yagya and gets the blessing of Lord Shiva.

Various activities arranged by Kamnath Mahadev Trust

Kamnaht Mahadev Trust manages many spiritual activities like Yagya, devotional songs, spiritual events, etc. Temple has started Annakshetra for devotees and tourists free of cost with the name Ravi Shankar Maharaj Bhojanalaya, the great social worker and freedom fighter of India. Shree Ravi Shankar Maharaj was born in the village of Radhu and played an immense role in Indian independence. The Ghee of Kamnath Mahadev is used in the flame of other temples of Radhu.

Various Rituals at Kamnath Mahadev Temple, Radhu

Apart from the fixed day Yagya on Mahashivratri and the twelfth day of Shravan Vad, devotees can plan various rituals at Kamnath Mahadev Temple. Rudrabhishek, Laghu Rudra, Kal Sharp Yog, Angarak Dosh, Nav Grah Shanti, etc can be arranged based on the devotee’s wish and appropriate time. Devotees can visit and plan rituals in cooperation with Shashtrijee and Temple Trust.

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Additional Details of Kamnath Mahadev Radhu

Kamnath Mahadev Radhu Contact Number: 9879933944

Best Time To Visit: During Sravan Month and Maha Shivratri

Address: Near Santram Mandir, Kamnath Mahadev, Radhu, Kheda

Activity: Yagya during Shravan month and devotees can take prasad free of cost daily.

Kamnath Mahadev Radhu Darshan Timings

General5.30 AM to 9 Pm

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